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Monday, July 16, 2012

I can't believe my last post was a year ago. Reading it made my heart ache for a moment, because I see that I just let myself "go through the motions" without checking in with me from time to time... So easily. And here I am, writing a year later--almost. I'm in a much better place now than I was last year at this time, so in this way the time passed seems to serve as a looking glass. I'm healthier, in love again and on a month-long staycation in Ohio at my boyfriend's place. If someone had told me I'd be in this place, I may have given myself more grace last summer.

I'm thinking that I want to move forward with this blog differently than how I first began it. I began this blog as simply a weight-loss and fitness blog (and we can see how successfully that went...). The thing is, I just want to heal and grow my spirit. So, that means sometimes my energy needs to go to my weight-loss, sometimes to my thoughts, my musings, my relationship, family, work, school, career path..! I am more than one-dimentional and I recognize that focusing too much on one area of my life has grown to be quite the downfall of mine.

I am 26 years old, three months from 27.
I am 178 lbs and I'm working toward a healthy 145.
I am a mother to three beautiful furry boys: Jay, Cuse, and Stevie.
I am an older sister,
an oldest daughter,
a college student,
a best friend,
a bartender,
an ex-fiance,
a new girlfriend,
a veteran,
a Libra,
a Moderate/Conservative-Liberal,
a Minnesotan--
I'm just a girl on a journey for blanace.


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