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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Damn Cpt. C.

So, yesterday afternoon I was just starting to feel the pain from Thursday's WOD. But, I thought it'd be fun to try out another one, this one containing some cardio (which is what I really need!). "And hence" I got at it:

3 rounds for time:
1/4 mi run
10 sandbag get-ups (after first round, adjusted to 15lb dumbbell)
10 burpees
Time: 18:22 (I think... I know it was 18 something... I believe this was it)

Sounds rather simple, huh? That's what my over-achieving self thought. And then I watched the first round of comrades do it. Seriously, I had pre-PT test anxiety (icky tummy) by the time it was my turn to begin. This was truly one of the most taxing things I've done in a while. Wow.
Friday's food:
Breakfast: bagel thin sandwich - 2 slices black forest ham, 1tbs lite mayo, tomato slices.
Snack: 260-cal frozen steamer lunch (healthy choice) - pasta, chicken, broccoli, tomato sauce.
Lunch: 200-cal salisbury steak and asparagus Smart One. Post-workout.
Snack: Nothing.
Dinner: 8oz cream asparagus soup from Whole Foods, tofu wrap w/carrots and spicy hummus, kale salad. I'm angry and let down about how much I ate at this sitting. Skim milk.
Snack: late-night air-popped popcorn w/white cheddar-flavored salt.
H20 intake: couldn't have been more than 36oz.

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