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Monday, April 19, 2010

first week down...

So another week begins. For some reason, I feel like I'm losing some steam. Probably because today is the first day of my "dot" and all my energy is tapped. I hurt; the "knife" is twisting in my tummy and I've been nauseous all day...

Breakfast: Nothing. BAD.
Snack: leftover venison and bean soup.
Lunch: more leftover venison bean soup. What can I say - it needed to be eaten, and I wasn't sick of it yet.
Snack: trail-mix bar.
Dinner: white rice, pan-cooked venison steak (again, it needed to be eaten... I'm all venisoned-out, though), grilled poblanos and onions.
H20 intake: 39oz. Not so good... I'll go get more now. I failed to implement my alarm(s) for water like I suggested. Does anyone have a better idea?
Workout: 10 x 7 Thrusters. The workout was supposed to be 7 x 7 w/the bar for a starting weight... but I was followed home from Walmart late this evening (after dark) by a creepy man from the parking lot, so I was too freaked to work out in my apartment gym. So, I did the workout in my apartment with a 12.5lb. weight. I upped the sets to compensate. Note: I would like to buy a weight-lifting bar.

My stomach is hurting me so bad! Damn Pamprin does not work quickly... I feel like today's workout was good, but I need to really hit a workout hard tomorrow. I'd like to work on abs... Well, good night, Cyberspace... hope to feel better tomorrow.


  1. This is just how your dot wants you to feel! DO NOT give in! Two more weeks of pushing yourself and this will all feel so natural, your body will crave your new routine and activity.

  2. Ew. Dot-talk.

    Water intake hint- keep a bottle of water near the screen of your computer. I do the same thing and it reminds me to drink when I glance at it.

    Great work this week. Keep it up!

  3. Michelle - good point; this IS just how my dot wants me to feel. I can't wait until my body WANTS the workouts instead of hating me for them.

    Sir - that's a good idea. I should put it RIGHT next to my computer screen, instead of off to my side. I'll see if that helps. Thanks!