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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sore glutes...wobbly legs....

So, it's 10:45pm and I just got back from the gym. Little late, but I got there! Here's how my day went:

Breakfast: turkey sausage link and egg white, skim milk
Mid morning snack: 1c popcorn (yellow, natural, no butter; salt and white cheddar flavor sprinkle
Lunch: granola and skim milk, 1/2 pita pocket w/tomato, smoked turkey slices and 1tbs light mayo
Snack: granny smith apple
Dinner: pan-cooked tilapia; 1c white rice seasoned with salt and chives; grilled tomatoes, poblano peppers, green bell peppers, red onion, glass skim milk
After gym snack: popcorn!!
H2o intake: not good... 36 oz so far...

Workout: 30 min on the stationary recumbent bike. I chose the "cardio challenge, level 3" which slowly increases in resistance, climaxes, and then slowly declines in resistance. On the lower resistance, I kept the RPMs in the high 80s-90s. As it increased in resistance, I slowed a bit, but never let it go below 73 RPMs. The last min, I pumped out over 101 RPMs without letting it fall till I was finished. Whew! I gotta say, I couldn't feel my hamstrings, and my glutes were on fire.

All day today I was just in a fowl mood. My morale has been pretty down... but my workout seemed to help. I honestly just feel like a weight was lifted (for now). The change was like night and day. I need to remember that... I left for the gym in silence, trying not to snip at Steve for anything silly, and came back smiling. Feels awesome.

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