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Thursday, April 22, 2010

O, Shins... part II

It sounds like an excuse, and it sort of is... but I've been putting off a workout today all day, in the hopes that my shins let up for me. They didn't. And now I've gone and hardly done anything physical all day. Well, 12 flights of stairs lugging groceries and stuff I bought at Ross... but other than that, nothing. I feel sluggish and guilty. It's 9pm and I really should go to the gym now. But I'm so damn tired and my shins are throbbing - I honestly just don't want to. Ugh. So, here's the plan: tomorrow, since I don't think I'm going to work (long story), I am going to do the Murph WOD here at my gym (an hour after taking Aleve). I may just go to 24 hour fitness, where the atmosphere really contributes. Anyway. As back-payment for today, I will also need to do the recumbent bike and abs tomorrow evening. Saturday and Sunday are likely going to be uncomfortable!

Breakfast: apple. Not enough.
Snack: Nothing. BAD.
Lunch: homemade chili - ground lean beef, cannelini beans, blackeye peas, tomatoes, McCormick's seasoning; whole pita with hummus and turkey.
Snack: Nothing. BAD.
Dinner: Pad Thai w/light sauce; edemame. YUM.
H20 intake: 30oz. God. What is wrong with me? I'm getting water right now.


You know what? I want to add something. I need to learn from this mistake. I cannot wait until nearly 10pm to think about doing my workout. I need to prioritize it. It needs to be part of my day. Like when the sun is out. After dinner is risky - I have often talked myself out of it for one reason or another. Unacceptable. Additionally - I'm sort of half-assing it. I haven't actually planned my meals out, or even oped my Clean Eating recipe book. This needs to change. I need to implement the recipes. I'm going to plan this weekend for the following week. Ok. Goodnight!

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