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Saturday, April 17, 2010


Today started as a lazy day; Michelle and I woke up, had coffee, talked for a couple hours, shopped online... then we finally ran some errands after she made lunch and I came home. Hurray for girl time!

Breakfast: nothing. BAD. Well, I had coffee...
Snack: nothing. BAD again.
Lunch: white chili - ground turkey, white chili seasoning, cannoloni beans; water. YUM!
Snack: grilled chicken snack wrap from McD's with no dressing
Dinner: venison burger - flat, whole grain burger "buns," pan-cooked venison burger w/oatmeal mixed in, 1/2tbs light mayo, brown and yellow mustard; salad w/light ranch and peppercorn vinegrette; handfull of baked ruffles.


  1. I enjoyed our time together! We have to start being more productive in the whole health/fitness area when we hang out. I felt like a sorry excuse for a healthy human being by the end of our lazy day!

  2. Agreed. Completely. I mean about enjoying our time and feeling lazy - not about you being a sorry excuse for a healthy human being!