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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

O, Shins

So, my shins are acting up. They should be better tomorrow. I've been through this before; it usually happens when I'm starting to workout again after a long period of time of not. Anyway, my shins scream when I touch them, so I'm just going to take it easy today. I know what my workout is tomorrow: either a jog with Michelle on the lake, or the god-awful WOD that CPT Conner did today, that he said tore him up. Great. :)

Breakfast: apple. Not enough.
Snack: yogurt cup.
Lunch: Subway - 12" honey oat, turkey, spinach, tomato, onion, pepperjack cheese, banana peppers, light mayo, vinegar, salt. I should not have eaten the 12" in one sitting. I should've eaten just the 6" and then the other half later today if I still wanted it. Gr. I even thought that as I ate it. I wish I could get better at controlling that. I wonder what it's going to take.
Snack: nothing. BAD.
Dinner: Tilapia, tomato bisque soup, and vermicelli noodles. By the way - how the hell do you prepare these? I've tried it twice now, and they're like worms. Sticky, chewy worms. WTF?
Snack: Popcorn. Mmm...
H20 intake: 36oz so far. Damn me!
Workout: taking the day off due to screaming shins. I plan to still do some crunches and other ab stuff. Any ideas on some good ab stuff?

On a side note, I got all anxious and stepped on the scale. I know I shouldn't do this while I have my dot, and also not until Monday, but I did anyway. Now I wish I hadn't. It said 185. Granted, this is the middle of the day, I have my dot, and I was wearing clothing... but still. It got me disheartened. I hate that. I vow not to step on the scale again until Monday, when I have an appointment with myself to do so, properly: right away in the morning, not dressed, no dot.


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